Hi and Welcome to the first post on this website! First of all, I want to remind you that this is a completely subjective review based on my thoughts and preferences and I understand that many people may not agree with me.

First off let's talk about reasons and timing why I even watched this movie.
It was around midnight and I was looking for something to watch kinda in a background. You know, movie in one tab, other stuff on other tab, in addition to programming in PhpStorm all over that. I have watched a lot of movies in my life, no reviews so far though, and I kinda prefer two types of movies to watch in background - already seen ones or horror movies I haven't seen. Every other genre needs watchers to follow a storyline and foreground tasks messes with that. Horror on the other hand usually don't mind gaps in story and nothing will happen if I miss someone getting chopped up or going awol.
I kinda remembered that I read some post about this movie and though why not to watch it.

Few minutes into the movie as nothing too interesting besides some girl randomly setting other one on fire didn't happen, I started to google for some reviews about this movie. Most of them said that this was "a horror movie without horror". After the short while I've been watching this I tend to agree but I usually don't turn off any movie unless zombies start to appear cause really don't like zombie movies, I think they are boring. As I am continuing to watch this teen flick, it goes pretty much as described in other reviews and as in other similar movies. It's a spring break, group goes on a ride, one girl meets some guy with other intentions and yada, yada.

As the group gets to this old, abandoned church, monastery or whatever, nothing interesting hasn't happened. Stranger hands out beers to everyone and suggests playing a game of "truth or dare". I know that this movie is made for it but come on, why would you want to play that game with some random stranger in some abandoned church? But ok, let's go with it. Everyone has their turn until it gets to the stranger who tell why he brought everyone there and just leaves. Again, come on, just tell everyone what is going on before someone else dies.

Ok, now we are back from spring break, everyone gets back to normal lives and than we get to this Final Destination order based choices - truth, dare or death. As far as I liked Final Destination, I don't think ordered deaths are the way to go. Everyone starts to see these strange, funny faces (as one in a image above) on random people and hear them asking to choose truth or dare, or just dare because why not? Not everybody needs the truth, I guess.
As far as the dares go, the actual ones, and not the ones that dare to say truth, are pretty lame. I only liked the "roof walking" one. I mean, even if this movie wants to be a horror movie, killing someone isn't too good of a dare. Not even talking about those dares that dare you to say truth. Dare shouldn't be same as truth. Where's the fun in that?

Somehow using Facebook? they contact that random girl who set fire to other random girl in the beginning of the movie and meet up with her. When all of minor group characters are killed off, who would have thought of that, main players go on a hunt for that random stranger from church. For some strange reason, police in this film is pretty clueless. You are playing some game that is killing people? OK. Which normal police officer wouldn't follow up on these deaths? And who in their right mind would let that continue without interfering? Ok, back to the story.

In some way in the story we now go to see some random old lady who doesn't talk. But she can write. Yeay. After learning about demon who lives in the "truth or dare" game and that the old lady is actually original summoner of game demon Calux, and that she doesn't talk because she has no tongue after some "simple" ritual that she performed to trap the demon, we finally find that random stranger by simply getting his name and address from the police.
And we go back to the old church to force the guy to perform that same ritual. When ritual is set in motion, church for whatever reason starts to break apart. Final dares are done in pretty rapid fashion, killing both the ritual performing guy, who didn't finish, and one of main players.

Here we are now, two main players and demon? After demon starts to play the game and tells truth that there is no way to stop him, film ends in interesting but kinda predictable way. I mean, what could be the other reason to show in the beginning that main character does YouTube other than releasing this curse to the world in a viral video?

Ok, this is it for me. I think this was good review for the first time writer. If you have comments or questions, you can tweet what you want to me @oatify_co :) I hope you had fun reading this.

P.S. I was watching this movie for the second time while writing this review. I thought you should now :)

Movie in IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6772950/